P2 Piezo Electric Scaler - Polisher Combo Unit


Piezo type scaler polisher combo provides the ease of use
for scaling and polishing functions.
No need for 2 individual units to perform each operation.


Showed with optional straight hand piece attachment &

prophy angle and cup



Piezo type scaler polisher combo unit is universally compatible with major piezo brand's straight hand piece attachment. Available in both the 115 & 230 VOLTS, which comes with 3 variety tips, 1 torque wrench, 1 detachable titanium hand piece with cable, 1 power cord, & 1 foot switch. Output powers ranges from 10 W to 35W with working frequency of 26KHZ-32KHZ. Allowable water supply of 25-60 PSIG (172-414KPa). Polisher speed is from 2,000 to 30,000 RPM. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES ARE STRAIGHT HAND PIECE ATTACHMENT& PROPHY ANGLE (SNAP-ON OR SCREW ON). NOTE: PROPHY CUPS NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE.


NOTE: Accessories (straight hand piece attachment, & prophy angle) for this model is optional and not included with the unit. These accessories are sold separately at additional cost.

Power Supply
115V +10% 50/60Hz 1.4A 160VA
230V +10% 50/60Hz 0.7A 160VA

Piezo Scaler Output Power:

10W ~ 35W +10%

Working Frequency:
26KHz ~ 32KHz
Water Supply:
25 ~ 60 PSIG
                    (172 ~ 414KPa)
Polisher Speed:
2,000 ~ 30,000RPM