Curing Light Unit ... On Line Special $295.00

ART-L2-B Blue Halogen Lamp with built in Radiometer

Curing Light

The state of the art technology halogen curing light introducted to the market in 2002 for its lightweight and colorful casing of purple, green and blue.


     * Halogen Lamp Curing Unit with built in Radiometer

     * 1 Pc. 9.5mm light probe, and eye protector

     * Uses 75 Watt halogen bulb by Philips

     * 20, 40, 60 and 120 secs internal beepers

     * High output light intensity. 500-550mW/cm2.

     * 10 second beeper reminder

     * Selective color of green, blue and purple

     * Available in both 110 and 220v

     * Dimensions 25cm x 12.5cm x 21.5cm


ISO Certified: 510k registered